Come share a night of musical gifts,
October 6, 2012, at Alexzanna Farms, 5:00 PM EST until 11:00PM EST.

Kokopelli, the humpbacked flute player, has been a symbol of fertility, music making, joy and healing for thousands of years.

Music heals the soul, brings us joy, expresses our truths and joins us in community. 

he memories of the summer OPEN FARM celebration bring both sadness and thankfulness.
The sadness of learning of my son Todd's death and the thankfulness that the news came
right after sharing such a wonderful day with friends and family.
So we welcome you again, to celebrate life, love, happiness and courage.

The music begins at 5:00 and continues until 11:00.
Pot luck dinner will be at 6:00 with musical accompaniment.  

Bring chairs and blankets as we will be sitting outside by the barn.
We will supply plates, cups, utensils, napkins, ice, water.
Bring your own drinks, instruments for jamming, hands for clapping, feet for dancing, friends and family.
Please leave your pets at home.

Kokopelli play for me,
So my heart may sing,
Magic flute of mystery,
Fruitful dreams you bring.

For more information on Kokopelli go to:

Spiral Quest
PO Box 62
Wildwood, GA 30757