with Peter Calhoun
Saturday afternoon 1-5 pm est, January 23rd, 2010.  

Peter Calhoun, former Episcopalian priest, now Shaman, author of Soul on
Fire, and visionary will be sharing with us at Alexzanna Farms. For early registration discount
see information on the attachment. Below are some thoughtful words from John
Kimmey  that reflect the work Peter is doing.

"It is curious how an odd idea from an obscure source, long unknown,
ignored, or considered irrelevant, suddenly emerges to general public
notice. The idea itself cannot alone account for its sudden spread and wide
acceptance. Nor can the media which report it. Relevant though it may be, an
idea first requires a fertile ground in which to take root and grow. And
this must be the unconscious level of those who at last find in it something
akin to their own deeper feelings.

The Hopi Prophecy is such a phenomenon.

We all stand today on the threshold of a new era, a new cyclical change in
world history. But this glimpse into the mystical worlds of the Mayas,
Navajos, Onondaga, Hopis and other ancient peoples carries a warning. If we
are to avert a cataclysmic rupture between the spiritual and material,
between our own hearts and mind, we must reestablish our relationship with
all the forms of living nature.

We live in a prophetic time. The interpretation of holy texts, private
revelations, and numerous prophecies, all point to our current period as a
time of a great world transformation. This "Purification Time," as some call
it, is when the deeper knowledge of our Earth Mother, and the process
progressing us within our sun system are needed to help prepare us for this
special period, when unexpected events, and fateful choices will arise for
each of us. It also provides us a key to understanding the meaning of many
myths, legends, and world mysteries, all of which connect with the end of
our age, and the coming of the "New Heaven" upon the Earth.

The dreams and visions of holy people across the Earth, and the prophetic
signs now in the world, made it clear to them that the end-cycle of this age
had arrived. To help prepare us for coming events, some members of the
higher religious orders have begun openly sharing knowledge they've
preserved pertaining to our Earth, and the Purification cycle we have
reentered. Those elders that are responding to their visions, to the
prophetic signs about us, and to their instructions concerning this period,
know it is their duty to share this knowledge now as a giveaway to all of
the Earth's children. To not speak of this knowledge would be a betrayal of
their sworn duty to the Earth and Great Spirit. Without a shadow of a doubt,
restoring the truth about our Earth and Purification Time cannot serve any
wrong purpose. To not speak of them now would be a "brevatio manus Domini" -
a foreshortening of the hand of God."

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