Epiphany and Three Kings Night
Saturday, January 5, 2008

 In these times
conscious sacred celebrations help keep us centered.  So join
us  in celebrating "Epiphany and Three Kings night", Saturday
evening January 5.  Epiphany comes from the Greek term meaning
"manifestation".  It is celebrated as a time of marriage between heaven and
earth - the birth of the life spirit in the womb of the earth soul and the
union of human and divine.  Here at the climax of the winter Holy nights
every human being has the potential to create intimate resonance with the
divine. Let's share this time together with food, fellowship, ceremony and
love. What follows is the general plan of events.  At 5:00PM EST anyone who
would like to help light the outdoor labyrinth candles and prepare the
ritual bonfire (weather permitting) is welcome and appreciated.  At 6:30PM
EST we will share a potluck supper.  Please bring food and drinks.  Remember
we do not have a microwave.  At 8:00PM EST we will have an indoor ceremony
offering our gifts as the magi did.  These Zoroastrian Priests gave gifts of
virtue/gold, spirit/frankincense, and sacrifice/myrrh. This will be an
opportunity for us to reflect upon, renew and recharge the individual gifts
we have to give to the earth and all beings. Then weather permitting we will
light the bonfire with our intent to be present and serve others with our
gifts, releasing into the fire perceptions that interfere with our being
fully present to life. Please bring lawnchairs to sit around the fire and
blankets, etc if it is cold.  Bring your drums, instruments, prayers,
affirmations and dear spirits. Sacred dance and sound ceremonies will evolve
from the musical improvisation as we listen to each other and see what
happens when the "I" becomes "WE".

"To bear the light of Spirit into the world's winter night,
Is the joyous striving of my heart;
That shining seeds of soul
May root in the world's deep ground." - Rudolf Steiner

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