Birthday Burn
Saturday, December 22, 2012

The transformative power of celebration connects us all.
We gather as our ancestors gathered
to light the darkness with fire and

Dear Friends,
It has been said that the Earth EXHALES on the Solstice and then begins to INHALE the next day.
Join Lawrence and Suzanna as we INHALE and welcome the return of the Light.
This celebration of transformation will be Saturday, December 22, 2012, at Alexzanna Farms in Wildwood, Georgia.

The Labyrinth will be candlelit at 5:00 PM EST and available for walking meditation all evening.
Pot Luck will be at 6:00 PM EST.
The Yule Log Ceremony will be at 7:30 PM EST.
The Fire Ceremony will be at 8:30 PM EST.

Please bring your potluck, drinks, socks to wear in the house, outdoor clothes, chairs for the bonfire, joy and drums.

We are heading into the Winter Solstice, where the sun stays the lowest on the horizon and we meter our winter reserves.
While it is the darkest time of the year, it is also a miraculous time.
It is here, when the earth is at its most barren, that we find hope again.
As it is here in the darkest days that we see the sun reborn.
In this rebirth, we are assured that life will return anew and we will indeed journey back into the light.

We honor the Winter Solstice by taking some time off, going deep into our homes, and tending our hearts and hearths.
This is a time for us ALL to gather together to share in the beauty of life -
the light, the dark, the hope, the grief, the life, the death and the rebirth.
We send warm wishes to you as you journey into the dark of the winter and the rebirth that it brings.
From Corinne at Red Moon Herbs

A Solstice Meditation
by Paulette Newman

We celebrate the Winter Solstice
The rebirth of the Sun
The longest night that comes within the year.
We often curse the dark,
As though a world made all of light
Would be perfection.
There is no night without a dawn, there is no dawn with a night.
Let us celebrate the dark, the gift of night,
Not just a backdrop for the candles and the stars,
A world transformed by mystery and magic, a refuge from the glare and heat,
A velvet robe of stillness, a rhythm in our blood,
A state of being which lets us walk within or feel the gentle touch of sleep
And find the wellsprings driven deep into our souls, that are our dreams.

When in those dreams, the monsters come OR else we flee from nameless,
formless things,
May we find a way to end the spending of ourselves in running,
To stand within a winter stillness, though all seems bare and barren,
Remembering that we have planted in our hearts the seeds of Spring to give us
Recalling the growing season, the sun and storms of summer to give us strength,
Sifting through the Autumn harvest of our memories to find the nourishment we
When all seems dim and chill.
Then, in spite of all our fears, may we turn back, no longer the prey,
But hunters now who chase the monster down, not to destroy, but once we've
cornered it,
To face the beast, with eyes and arms, minds and hearts and spirits open wide,
So we may look into those monstrous eyes and see ourselves.
For these are gifts of darkness too, the doubt and fear and discontent,
that lead us to the pieces of ourselves that we have lost or left behind or
thrown away.
May we find these shadow selves and name them one by one so we may call them
home again,
Drawing them into our arms so that we may be whole.
May we find within the beast the beauty hiding there,
Truth and transformation from within, a fierce, empowering love.

We celebrate the Solstice,
The turning of the year,
The point of change, the turning of our selves.
May we go rejoicing into the night.
May we go bravely into the dark,
Each one of us alone. And all of us together.

Spiral Quest
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Wildwood, GA 30757